Who we are


Finke Family Chiropractic is the premier center for chiropractic, alternative medicine, weight reduction, massage, physical treatment and more.We have a well-rounded lineup of companies consisting of chiropractic doctors, physiotherapists, personal fitness instructors, massage therapists and marital relationship and household therapists.

We have the very best and most detailed chiropractic care in Spanish Fork. We likewise provide weight-loss and alternative medicine services. This enables us to assist you to accomplish your health and health objectives.

The program supplies clients with an incorporated, multidisciplinary method to spinal column health. Clients are taken care of by doctors who belong to Finke Family Chiropractic School of Medication's nationally acknowledged scientific professors and who make use of a modern center in treating their clients.

The center's skilled group of spinal column experts and support personnel interact to offer clients with assessment as rapidly as possible, identify a precise medical diagnosis and provide the most efficient treatments and treatments readily available.

As part of the area's only scholastic medical center, the spinal column center provides clients of any ages access to devoted doctors who are actively associated with the current spinal column research study and medical trials, and to brand-new and investigational diagnostics and treatments.